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Jux not interested in thirsty Huddah, wants Vanessa Mdee back

By THOMAS MATIKO November 9th, 2017 2 min read

Huddah Monroe recently said no Kenyan man can afford her. Turns out, she isn’t worth it to some men.

Just recently, the Huddah confessed her undying love to hunk bongo flava star Juma Jux, saying that she would not mind if the two became an item.

But it seems the bongo singer is not interested in the socialite, if his recent actions are anything to go by.

Lately, Jux has been working hard to win back his ex-girlfriend and fellow singer Vanessa Mdee, who dumped him in June after dating for two years.


In an interview with Nirvana programme aired on EATV last month, Huddah confessed that she has a huge crush on Jux.

She revealed that she had at some point slid into his DM (Direct message) on Instagram.

Huddah said her huge crush on Jux was influenced not only by his “cute looks” and “his well-toned body” but also his sense of style and fashion, which she termed as unique compared to most men she has come across.

But she may have to put her thirst on ice as the musician is keen on make things work with Vanessa.

Over the weekend, Jux and Vanessa shared a stage at the Fietsa Concert in Morogoro, a nine-week party trail frenzy that features a series of concerts from bongo A-list artists across 15 different regions of Tanzania.

The final gig will take place in Dar es Salaam next weekend.


At the concert, with both of them on stage, Jux took three minutes serenading Vanessa with love lyrics while begging her for forgiveness.

He asked her to take him back.

At some point, Jux went down on his knees but Vanessa did not seem convinced.

However, she gave him a chance to prove if indeed he wants her back but with an irreducible minimum.

Vanessa told the crowd that she will only accept Jux back if he will be able to give a starling performance when they meet in the last leg of the Fiesta season in Dar es Salaam that is due in one week.

“Huyu brother msimu wote wa Fiesta amekuwa akiniimbia sijui anauawa, sijui analia sielewi mimi,” Vanessa told the cheering crowd as she paused to the applause, before adding: “Sasa sikilizeni nyie wote hapa ni mashahidi. Bado siamini kama anataka kurudiana na mimi. Nampa dakika kumi na tano tu tukikutana Fiesta Dar es Salaam nyie ni mashahidi, akiweza freshi kama vipi aendelee kuuawa au sio?”