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Kaberia: Mwendwa is a very ‘ungrateful’ man

Sports Principal Secretary Kirimi Kaberia has hit out at Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa, describing him as an ‘ungrateful’ man.

Kaberia and Mwendwa have been at loggerheads since Tuesday when the football boss accused the government official of denying the federation funds meant for bankrolling the various national teams in international assignments.

As a result, Mwendwa announced that he had halted the national women team’s preparations for the double-header 2020 Olympics qualification match versus Zambia in Lusaka and Nairobi between November 8-12.

“I need you to tell me what your problem with football is!,” Mwendwa challenged Kaberia at a press briefing.

And Kaberia hit back, accusing Mwendwa of only diverting attention and not accounting for earlier funds the federation has received from the government.

“I think he is just an ungrateful person. FKF has received so much money from the ministry in the last year. So much more than all the other federations combined. If I show you the documents you will be surprised. We gave them Sh244 million for the (Africa) Cup of Nations and this money was to cover their stay in Egypt until the finals,” Kaberia said.


“They came back after the first round, and have never accounted for their expenditure, yet they want more money. That is where the conflict is. And it is not just government money that they are refusing to account for. We have found out that the federation receives a substantial amount of money from Fifa for funding the national team assignments, yet they still come asking for money for the same purpose,” he went on.

Not done, Kaberia also challenged Mwendwa to account for an Outside Broadcasting Van worth a reported Sh135 million which the federation ‘purchased’ after receiving a grant from Fifa, but the vehicle can now not be accounted for.

“Recently we all heard about the OB Van which remains undelivered. The monies received from SportPesa and Betin have never been accounted for. Nobody has heard about it and yet they want more money,” Kaberia said.

Mwendwa has also said the men’s national women football team, Harambee Starlets, will not be able to compete in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualification matches beginning in November if the Kaberia doesn’t release the funds.