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Kabi wa Jesus: I like dancing naked for my wife

By Winnie Mabel September 23rd, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan content creator Kabi wa Jesus, who identifies himself as a born-again Christian, has revealed that he enjoys dancing naked for his wife Milly wa Jesus, who is also a content creator.

Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi, the 32-year-old said dancing naked for his wife is one of the childish things he enjoys doing.

“I love doing childish things. I love playing, playing with my kids. I love making funny faces, I love dancing naked for my wife,” said Kabi with a laugh.

Wa Jesus are among the most renowned social media content-creating families who enjoy sharing their lives with the public.

They first came into the limelight as Christian vloggers but soon their content began changing. Lately, the couple has been accused of posting oversexualized vlogs on their social media accounts.

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The couple usually post videos of themselves dancing sensually with each other, with Milly often filmed twerking for her husband on camera. The couple is also fond of kissing erotically on camera and sharing shower scenes.

For this they have been accused of posting content that does not align with Godly values.

But Kabi has always maintained that the things he does with his wife are a way of showing their audience how a man can demonstrate love to his spouse as opposed to doing the same with several women.

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“Pale social media watu wanasema (people are saying that) the name is not Wa Jesus anymore because of the content. It’s becoming sexual. I would say that because they didn’t give us the name, they don’t understand the history. You don’t understand the covenant we made with God. When I was born again, I asked God, ‘How can you write a story of a Christian or a believer in the 21st century,” Kabi once said.

On the other hand, Milly demanded to know what Godly content is, saying that just because they are born-again Christians, it does not mean they can’t create certain content to entertain their audience.

However, it does not appear that they will be changing their lifestyle any time soon due to the privileges they get for being influencers with many followers.

When he asked what he enjoyed very much about content creation, Kabi said, “Sharing my life, inspiring and getting to enjoy some of the access we get because of what we do.”

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