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Kabogo declares himself defacto Mount Kenya leader

William Kabogo has declared himself the defacto leader of the Mount Kenya region.

The declaration comes amid a political fallout with Deputy President William Ruto highlighted by a verbal attack on the DP’s running mate Rigathi Gachagua.

Kabogo whose membership in Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza coalition is in doubt after a separate spat with Kiambu gubernatorial candidate rival Kimani Wamatangi also says he warned Ruto against selecting Gachagua as his running mate.

“I want to tell you the truth. Gachagua will soon come here to talk to you people. I did not want him to be named Ruto’s running mate because he is a dictator. He is the genesis of my war with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), said Kabogo while addressing a public rally in Kiambu.

Kabogo, who served as Kiambu governor between 2013 and 2017 before losing to Ferdinand Waititu, claimed, but without sharing proof, that there was a plan to hand pick the next Kiambu governor.

“I’ve noticed Ruto and his UDA party want to swallow all parties. I have refused to be swallowed. They are planning a repeat of how rigged me out in favour of Waititu. So they want to pick Wamatangi (as the next governor.”

Kabogo is still smarting from a recent public spat with Wamatangi in the presence of Gachagua.

The spat occurred at a rally resulting in someone switching off his microphone even as he was booed by supporters at the event attended by Moses Kuria.

Kuria and Kabogo have since pulled out of the Kenya Kwanza campaign team and say they will campaign individually.

The two politicians even snubbed a meeting in the area attended by Ruto at the weekend.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is the defacto Mount Kenya leader but his impending retirement means the position is up for grabs.