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Kabogo sheds no tears for impeached Waititu

The former Governor of Kiambu County William Kabogo has supported the impeachment of Ferdinand Waititu as the governor of Kiambu County.

Mr Kabogo posted on Facebook saying that choices have consequences and that the people of Kiambu will now start getting services.

“The people of Kiambu should start getting services now. Choices have consequences,” said Mr Kabogo.

Waititu was found guilty of three charges of gross violation of the Constitution and Public Finance Management Act, crimes under the National Law and gross misconduct/abuse of office.

The two politicians have had a love-hate relationship that appeared to have escalated from bad to worse during the 2017 general elections.

Mr Waititu was among the popular candidates who was challenging Mr Kabogo for the gubernatorial seat for Kiambu County.

Mr Kabogo tried to block him from vying for the position by going to court to challenge his academic qualifications.

Through his lawyers he said that Mr Waititu was using someone else academic qualifications and he does not have any post-primary school qualification.

In addition records also do not show that the lawmaker went to India for higher education.