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Kabogo to take on Waititu as an independent candidate – VIDEO

Kiambu governor William Kabogo on Sunday announced that he will defend his seat as an independent candidate.

The governor said he will seek re-election due to ” pressure to run for re-election as an independent candidate.”

He lost the Kiambu gubernatorial Jubilee Party nominations to Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu.

Speaking at a media briefing in Oak Place Hotel, Garden Estate , Governor Kabogo dismissed the Jubilee Party nominations in Kiambu county as shambolic.

Mr Kabogo claimed his rival Mr Waititu had been sighted meeting with Jubilee returning officers at a secluded location on the eve of the nominations, and a car was later found stuffed with ballot papers for the governorship race.


“There were people who wanted to stop our campaign because of our transformation of our county by spreading false propaganda.”

He added that his team has evidence that the nomonations were flawed and charaterised by “obvious” irregularities”.

The governor thanked his supporters for trusting him to bring change in Kiambu county.

“Thank you for trusting me to govern you for the last four years because the transformation we have done in this great county I couldn’t have done it without your support,” he said.


He alleged that he had submitted a memorandum to the Jubilee Party listing irregularities observed during the nominations, but which was never acted on.


“It has been a long journey in Jubilee and I have done my best. But since it seems like there are huge powers that need to keep me away, I am saying that for now I am doing what it is that that memorandum said: I don’t agree with these nominations,” he told journalists.