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Kagwe begs quarantine escapee to return

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has warned Covid-19 patients not to engage in a cat and mouse chase with the government, after been put in isolation.

CS Kagwe, speaking from Kiambu County on Thursday, warned that it was pointless to escape from the quarantine facilities as the long arm of the government will always catch up with them.

The CS was responding to claims that a man in Thika seen to have been exhibiting Covid-19 like symptoms is at large.

“My appeal to the person who has run away is to come back. Kama uko hapa yule mtu alitoroka tafadhali present yourself to these doctors here, wakupeleke ndani upone,” Mr Kagwe said.

“Because when you are out there what you are doing is that you are going to infect everybody that you have come across. Sijui unakimbia ndio ukimbie kwako nyumbani, umpate bibi nyumbani then what do you think will happen.”

Kenyans who run away from quarantine facilities, he says, only achieve showing people from other countries how indiscipline Kenyans are.

“This thing cannot be done by force we can only appeal to people. There are countries that do not have quarantine facilities because people quarantine themselves at home. And stay away from everybody else,” he said.

“This just confirms to our neighbours and our guests that in nature we are an indiscipline lot. In any case even if you do not come back we are going to find you. So isn’t it better for you to just come on your own? Because I can guarantee you we will find you.”

The Health CS challenged all Kenyans to be their brother’s keepers and report anyone who is sick and could be having coronavirus and refusing to get help.

“Serikali iko na mkono mrefu itakutafuta tuu pale ulipo kwa hivyo wewe rudi, nenda kea daktari, nenda isolation and you will be fine and we will pray for you even if you are a sinner,” Mr Kagwe explained.