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Kagwe: You can gerrit it, I can gerrit it and we won’t imprison you for it – VIDEO

Ministry of Health on Monday yet again reminded the public that no one in the world is immune from Covid-19.

Health Cabinet Secretary warned the nay sayers who have thrown caution in the wind that the pandemic is real.


However, he said that the government cannot imprison people who are in denial over the reality of the pandemic, telling them to wait for it.

“You cannot whip people or put them in prison to make them understand there is a disease. There is Covid-19, even little children are singing they can get it,” he said.

He further said all individuals have a responsibility in the fight against the pandemic.

“There is coronavirus. Who are those other people who say they do not know about it? And how long will it take for them to know that the disease exists? If somebody is in denial, there is nothing much you can do,” he said.


President Uhuru Kenyatta last week took the bold step of reopening the economy after three months of a partial lockdown, but shifted the burden of responsibility in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic to the public.

“My intention is to reopen and to remain open. The ‘claw back’ option is not on my wish list at all. To reopen and remain open, you must become your brother’s keeper,” the president said.

The Head of State also lifted the order on cessation of movement in and out of three counties.

This, he said, was arrived at after wide consultations with critical stakeholders on attaining a certain level of preparedness, and on the advice of the National Security Council and the National Emergency Response Committee of coronavirus.

The decision has seen an exodus of Kenyans from urban centres to rural areas, with some transporting the disease to the villages, as they escape the pain of spiralling joblessness in towns.