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Kagwe: You have no excuse not to wear a face mask

There is absolutely no reason for any Kenyan not to own a face mask since the government has ensured that they are readily available in the market at a cheap price, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has said.

Kagwe, while giving his daily brief on Wednesday, said that according to their records there were more than 600 people making face masks hence this will for sure ensure the product is sold at a cheap price.

To demonstrate, Kagwe came equipped with his own face mask which he claims he bought for Sh5.

Mr Kagwe’s mask is made from a white material with the outer layer bearing the countries national flag.

“As with the situation on the mask we have spoken about this subject almost every day, and said that there are standards that Kebs has set up for production of masks and I am glad to say, that there are numerous organisations now that are making masks. And selling them all the way from Sh5 to Sh15 and some very sophisticated ones at Sh50,” Kagwe said.

“I can tell you that mine, this one is about Sh5. When you wear one that is five bob and to top up with your patriotism then it is a good call,” he said.

When asked where Kenyans can be able to get a face mask similar to his that costs Sh5 he said, “You can see me, you can talk to me later about that. But they are all over the place we have more than 600 people who are making masks for the last count that we got.”

It is currently mandatory for a person to wear a mask in public areas failure to which they risk to be jailed for six months or pay a fine of Sh20,000.

The government gazetted the order on April 10 in line with the Public Health Act.