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Kakamega ‘prophet’ predicts second global illness

A self-proclaimed prophet in Kakamega has prophesied the coming of a second virus-led disease, which he adds will likely affect the majority of the population in the world.

The little-known Prophet Elijah Onyango of Heavens Armies Squad in Kakamega, a town in Western Kenya, further claims to have received a ‘vision’ from God on this disease at 2am, some two weeks ago, while in his sleep.

The youthful man adds that the forthcoming virus will be bigger than the coronavirus and will likely cause more chaos with Africans the most affected.

And that’s not all.

The man of God also says unlike the current coronavirus vaccine which has been voluntarily administered, the vaccine for the next virus will be administered forcibly.

“I’m here to tell people to go back to God genuinely in order to save themselves,” he stated.

Prophet Elijah also claims to have received a ‘vision’ about the coronavirus but did not get the chance to publicly relay the message.

That’s why he wants to use every opportunity and channel to relay what he says is God’s message to the people.

But he’s stopped short of outlining a specific timeline on when the said virus would erupt.

Prophet Elijah’s message has elicited mixed reactions from residents most of whom have elected to remain skeptical.

His sentiments come barely 18 months after the coronavirus swept through the entire world.

The disease has so far infected 183 million people around the world and killed about 4 million.

It has also led to the entire population in the world to wear face masks in public, self-isolate when sick, and restrain from shaking hands.