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Kalasha Awards deal with Star Times irks actress Catherine Kamau

Actress Catherine Kamau has expressed her displeasure with this year’s Kenya Film Commission 9th edition of the Kalasha Awards despite being nominated in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie film Plan B.

The actress is unhappy with how the organisers of the event decided to engage the public to vote for their favourite candidates.

Fans must download the StarTimes ON App to vote. This is after Kenya Film Commission signed a partnership with StarTimes Kenya.


“Earlier this morning, the Commission led by the CEO Mr Timothy Owase penned down an agreement with @StarTimesKenya forging a strategic collaboration ahead of the 9th edition of #KalashaAwards2019 -an annual event by the Commission that celebrates exceptional talent in Film and TV. This partnership opens a broader market for our local filmmakers to showcase their talent. This platform also ensures that our content can traverse our borders thus exerting a great sphere of influence in the region,” tweeted Kenya Film Commission.

According to the former Mother In Law actress, the move appears to rather be taking advantage of actors who would be acting as influencers for the StarTime ON App.

“Wait! So Kenyans MUST download this app to vote??? @kenyafilmcomm,” asked Ms Kamau.

Which @QueenGathoni responded, “First of all, the film awards we have in this country have never been for the artist. We are basically sold to the highest bidder! It’s about who has the money and nothing else!”

Which she replied, “This is taking it abit too far, so basically we are @StarTimesKenya app influencers??? Nijikute!!”