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Kalembe Ndile ‘sues’ Sonko for verbally abusing him on phone

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko is staring a fresh legal battle in the wake of an apparent fallout with former Kibwezi Member of Parliament Kalembe Ndile.

Ndile, a one-time Cabinet Minister during Kibaki’s regime, on Tuesday at a press conference said he had instituted legal proceedings against the flamboyant governor for verbally abusing him during a telephone conversation which went viral on social media.


“He abused me. He knows it is an offence to do that and I have recorded a statement with the police who have referred me to the DCI,” said Ndile.

Ndile also accused Sonko of failing to pay him Sh9 million in accrued arrears for different services.

“He borrowed money from me. He ate at my hotel and didn’t pay. I have been working for him and he has to pay me,” Ndile said.

In the viral audio Sonko is heard shouting unprintable words at a calm Ndile.

The conversation commences with Ndile seemingly following up on payment for services rendered for Nairobi County where Sonko is the boss.


“Governor you are my friend. When you have a (political) problem, you come to Kambas and ask for support. Now you are here abusing me,” Ndile is heard reminding Sonko of how he has stood by him during the tough times.

To this an angry Sonko retorts: “I am not your friend and you will never see me in your house. You have been supplying air in Dandora and now you want to be paid. I will not pay you, Go and report me to the police.”

“That is fine, don’t pay me then. Just remember that we will always need each other in this world,” Ndile responds.

At this point, Sonko, who sounds very angry, resorts to threatening Ndile.

“Which problems do you think I have? We will blacklist you in Nairobi (County). You can go and work in Machakos. I don’t need your respect. You can record me and take me wherever you want to. In fact, I will reverse the (earlier) payments (made to you). You are so ungrateful.”

Sonko has in the past been recorded having a not so cordial telephone conversation with fellow politicians Reuben Ndolo, Ferdinand Waititu and Esther Passaris.