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Kalonzo hits out at ‘silent’ church on GMO debate

Kalonzo Musyoka has called out the church for taking a back seat in the debate on the legalization of genetically modified organisms (GMO) food in the country.

In a media address on Tuesday, the Azimio principal noted the church had been active during the political season but had suddenly remained mum on issues concerning the health of Kenyans.

“We are surprised by the silence of the church which was once vibrant and vehemently against GMOs. Could it be that they have been pacified by this new administration and blinded by the moral and ethical question around GMOs and go against the order of nature? I call on the church to respond,” said Mr Kalonzo.

He urged religious leaders not to sell their souls but to speak the truth to power.

The former vice president said it is a surprise move for the GMO regulators in the country to take a side in the debate, putting the lives of Kenyans at risk.

“We also take issue with the National Biosafety Authority (NBA) which is the body tasked with the responsibility to regulate genetically modified organisms in the country and ought to be neutral, instead, we have noted with concern the regulator is one of the lead promoters of GMOs in Kenya.”

While dismissing the move by the cabinet to lift the ban, the seasoned politician noted the speed in which the ban was lifted is alarming, adding the country is not in a position to fully safeguard its citizens from the effects of GMO maize.

“We therefore must remain organic and avoid the acceleration of food-related diseases such as cancer.”

Mr Kalonzo added the move will open the market for multinational companies owning the GMO technology while the country’s indigenous seeds will face distinction following a poor regulatory system.

He called on Members of Parliament to protect Kenyans from GMO products.

President Ruto’s government recently lifted a ban on GMOs in the country, elicting varied reactions.

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