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Kalonzo to ‘quit Nasa in seven days if he’s not named Nasa flagbearer’

A key ally of Cord co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka has given National Super Alliance (Nasa) a seven-day ultimatum to convene a meeting of the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) to affirm the 2013 MoU, “otherwise Kalonzo would go it alone”.

Minority Leader Francis Nyenze said there has been a stalemate in Nasa’s NCC, warning: “This is the last straw that will break the camel’s back. If Kalonzo is not going to be the presidential candidate, Nasa will not exist anymore.”


However, Wiper Secretary General Hassan Omar later said the party will not play second fiddle, but will play inside Nasa even if Kalonzo is not chosen to fly Nasa flag.

“Everyone makes unequivocal about their being Nasa candidate. Why don’t you say those people are about to bolt out? When Wiper says the exact same thing that everyone in Nasa is saying, why do we single them out? We will not play second fiddle, but we are in the coalition to stay,” said Mr Omar.

“What is wrong with Nyenze putting our position out there? He is our negotiator and he has the right to speak strongly about it. We have strong faith in him. When you say there is corruption in Kenya, are you saying you are about to bolt out? No!” Said Mr Omar
Mr Omar said Wiper is negotiating for the presidency and nothing stops other members from stating their positions.

“We will not bolt out but we are giving our negotiators a latitude to state our case,” he offered.


“We wanted flag bearer named by December 25. It took long. Now we are creating anxiety by dragging these things. There are a lot of things incidental about naming a flag bearer. We have an urgency and Wiper is simply satisfying the urgency.”

“We failed to name a flag bearer by end of March. We want these principals to finish this issue. Sit on the table and come up with one name- Omar tells Nasa principals.”