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Kalonzo’s website crashes minutes after launch

A website launched on Thursday by Cord co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka to facilitate interaction experienced on and off interruptions moments after launch.

For the better part of the afternoon the site was unavailable to users, displaying a database error.

After hours of attempted salvage by the web developers, the site went live but with interruptions.

When Nairobi News contacted Mr Musyoka’s aide Dennis Kavisu, he attributed the error to overwhelming logins by users.

“Hon Kalonzo is loved and that is why after we shared his new site, many people logged in and the capacity was too much for the servers leading to the error messages,” he said.

However, according to IT expert Victor Karanja, a database error is as a result of disconnection between the website script and the database which can be caused by the script providing wrong credentials or the database having reached the maximum number of allowed connections.

This means that Mr Kalonzo’s site is on a shared server where not only its logins can lead to the error but also the logins on other websites hosted on the same server.


“The website has been hosted on a shared server hence once in a while it fails because the server has the maximum allowed number of database connections due to users visiting this and other websites on the same server,” Mr Karanja told Nairobi News.

The site was launched on Thursday at an event attended by among other’s Cord co-principals Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula.

During the launch, Mr Musyoka condemned corruption within the Jubilee government adding that Kenya needed a leader who is radical enough to take action before he endorsed himself as that leader.

“This website will be a platform for all Kenyans to know me better and to interact with me in various development agendas. In addition to giving you an opportunity to  have your say about how you want this country to be run, this website will also be providing updates on all my past and ongoing political activities. It will also be a platform where my supporters can freely meet and exchange ideas on what is best for Kenya,” said Mr Kalonzo before the site went live.