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Kama hutaki Polygamy zaa wako! Karen Nyamu bestie’s cryptic message ignites online debate

Esther Bakhita, a close friend of nominated senator Karen Nyamu, has raised eyebrows with a cryptic message shared on her TikTok page.

The post seems to be aimed at women who oppose polygamy, urging them to take charge of their own relationships.

In her TikTok message, Bahkita straightforwardly advised those against polygamy to “sire their own men,” followed by a light-hearted laughing emoji.

“Kama hutaki Polygamy zaa bwana yako.” (If you don’t want to in a polygamous marriage, sire your own husband)

The message ignited discussions and reactions among her followers and fans.

Concerned fans quickly expressed their reservations about the message, advising Bakhita to wait until she’s married before offering such advice.

They emphasized the importance of experiencing certain life situations firsthand before sharing opinions.

Eve Lyn Muthoni commented, “We shall revisit some years to come ata mimi kunaye aliniambia ati she is there to stay saa hii.” ( There is one who told me that she was there to stay right now, where is she now?).

User user5129573199392 noted, “Sasa kuachiwa leftovers pia ni achievement?” (“Is being left with leftovers also considered an achievement?”)

Faith Muchelule humorously suggested, “Tuzalie wako kwanza,” a sentiment shared by others in the comments who believed that personal experience often shapes perspectives.

The controversy surrounding polygamy is not new in the context of Karen Nyamu.

A few moths ago, during their daughter’s first birthday, Esther Bakhita, shared photos from the party. In one of the photos, the senator is posing with Samidoh who is dressed in a white t-shirt and army green pants similar to what Ms Nyamu is dressed in.

The two are all smiles with Samidoh’s latest song Bado Nakupenda playing in the background.

“A husband to my sister is a brother to me ,” Bakhita captioned the photo, perhaps implying that the Mugithii singer was Nyamu’s husband.

The statement came a few days after Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu publicly announced that she would not raise her children in a polygamous marriage with a woman who is older than her and one who does not respect her family.

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