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How Kambua was body shamed by ex-boyfriend for munching whole chapo – VIDEO

Gospel singer and TV show host Kambua has for the first time revealed how she was once body shamed by her ex-boyfriend for eating a whole chapati.

Kambua made the revelation on her YouTube channel, Reflections With Kambua, recounting how the man she met when she was fresh out of high school broke her heart.

In Kambua’s account, after high school she was living life on the chubbiest side of life and she was a lot heavier than she looks now.

Her then boyfriend often suggested different work out regimes for her and he would even watch what she ate and question her dietary decisions.

“There was a time he said something like, you finished a whole chapo by yourself? A whole chapo?” she narrated.


Kambua also recalled another incident during a late lunch date at a fast food restaurant when she ordered two pieces of chicken and fries for them to share.

On this occasion, she says, she was yet again embarrassed by the said boyfriend.

“So please keep in mind that I’m already conscious about my weight, what I eat around this guy because of what he said about the chapo. We start eating, I’m eating very slowly nibbling on my chicken taking a fry here and there, then halfway through the meal, he goes like ‘I don’t think you should eat any more fries,” she recounted.

As if that wasn’t enough humiliation, the boyfriend ended up taking away the pieces of fries and chicken she was eating.


“He takes the rest of the pack and continued to eat. So I just swallowed a kiwaru, literally. Then as I’m eating my chicken, he goes like, are you going to finish that Kay? And I handed my chicken over to him.”

After the humiliation, she made an excuse to leave early and ended up at the nearest bakery where she stuffed herself with cake.

“I wanted to stuff that emotion down, stuffing myself with cake, stuffing the anger, the humiliation. Everything. I ate it all in one sitting,” she says.

Now all the wiser, Kambua’s advice to her followers is to avoid being relationships with people who body shames them.

“Be with someone who celebrates who you are in every season of your life. And if you have a weakness or you are struggling with something then they are able to help you work through that struggle but not putting you down because of it. I look back now, and I can laugh about it but I really hope you can hear what I’m saying,” she says.