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Kambua: My father’s death greatly affected my music career

Renowned gospel singer Kambua has opened up about the profound impact of her father’s death on her music career.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the mother of four shared the heartfelt and deeply personal story of how her father’s absence affected her ability to sing and create music.

She revealed that for several months following her father’s loss, she found herself unable to sing, grappling with a sense of emptiness that enveloped her musical endeavors.

Kambua drew attention to a shared trait between herself and her son, who, like her, often hums.

She explained:

“I see my son humming a lot, and I used to do that. I still do that, and he does it so much.” She said.

“My dad inspired my music in a big way, and not having him there felt like my music didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t know how to create the music without my dad.”

Kambua’s father was not just a source of inspiration; he was a constant presence at her performances and events.

He knew her song lyrics by heart and enthusiastically shared her music with everyone he met.

“I didn’t know how to create the music without my dad and I have so many photos of my dad attending events that i was singing. He knew my songs lyrics and told everyone about me and he cheered me on. I knew that I needed to heal to get to a place where I could create music again honestly and truly,” she said.

In a touching tribute to her father, Kambua shared her realization that healing was necessary to find the strength to create music once more.

She recounted her experience in creating “Tutaonana Tena,” a song that served as a tribute to her father’s life.

“It was the first time I was able to sit down and do a song,” Kambua revealed.

The loss of her father, Professor Manundu, on April 9, 2014, was a significant and heart-wrenching moment in Kambua’s life.

She expressed her gratitude for the immense influence her father had on her personal and professional journey.

Kambua shared her profound longing for her father to have met her son, Nathaniel, and the heartbreak she continues to feel over his passing.

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