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Kambua: My struggles with postpartum depression

Gospel singer Kambua has shared her postpartum experience with her fans, revealing that she was stressed beyond measure. 

In a post on her Instagram timeline, the singer said she intended to bring the conversation of postpartum to life by uniting women who have gone through the challenges of overcoming that devastating stage of motherhood. 

“Ok let me bring this conversation from my stories to the TL. Postpartum. What kind of support did you receive after having your baby? Or maybe you didn’t receive any? If there are support groups, please share and tag them here,” she started off. 

“I experienced baby blues when I had Nathaniel. It was compounded by the constant ‘maziwa haija kuja’?! As most of you know, my baby was a preemie. My milk took a while to come in. To say I was stressed would be a gross understatement. I got help from my village of sisters. Nurses mean well (I’m sure), but they just about pushed me over the edge at that time (some),” she wrote. 

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In February this year, the gospel singer opened up on the most important lessons she has learned in her motherhood journey over the past couple of years.

In a YouTube interview with Grace Msalame, the mother of three noted that she has learned that one must wait gracefully when one asks anything of God.

“My biggest lesson has been in waiting. I am not just waiting, but waiting gracefully. You can wait and be angry, bitter, or anxious, and it’s a choice we make,” Kambua said.

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The 38-year-old media personality said her plans and timelines did not go as she had imagined when she was young.

“The future is unknown to us, but we all start with hope and desires, just like I did. I knew I had my timelines, get married and have a baby so that by the time I’m 30; I would be raising my babies,” she said. 

She went further to say that the experience has taught her the true meaning of waiting on God. 

“But here I am, nearing the fourth floor with a little one. The years of waiting and getting into motherhood and everything, all the dynamics it has had, has taught me what it truly means to wait on God without a doubt,” she said.

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