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Kambua opens up about her Tomboy childhood and musical journey

Renowned gospel singer Kambua recently took a trip down memory lane, shedding light on her childhood days and her journey towards becoming a celebrated musician.

In a candid and revealing video on her YouTube channel, the singer shared insights into her early years, her tomboy nature, and her deep-rooted passion for music.

Raised alongside her two brothers, Kambua nostalgically reminisced about her childhood, saying:

“I was naturally a tomboy, but I enjoyed my childhood, and I remember it with so much fondness.” She painted a picture of herself as an active child who relished riding bicycles and playing football with her friends.

Despite her tomboy tendencies, Kambua spoke of the enduring qualities she gained from her childhood experiences.

“I enjoyed my childhood, and I have scars to prove it, but I also gained resilience and the knowledge that I could do whatever I wanted to do. My father instilled in us that we could achieve everything we set out to do. I grew up knowing who I wanted to be and was very confident in myself, very shy, and an introvert. I loved my space,” she reflected.

Kambua also shared her unwavering desire to pursue a career in music from a young age.

“I am very comfortable being alone, but I am also very comfortable with my dreams and the things that I set out to do. I knew that I had a gift from the time I was young. I knew the gift of music was in me, and I wanted to do a lot more with it.”

Growing up in a Christian household with her mother serving as an evangelist, music played a significant role in her life.

She spoke about her father, who not only played the guitar but also introduced her to a diverse range of musicians, including legends like Bob Marley and Lucky Dube.

Her mother’s religious background added a Christian element to her musical exposure.

“So, because I grew up with a mother who is an evangelist, music was around us, and my father played a guitar and had a booming voice. He taught us a lot of hymns and introduced me to musicians I might not have encountered otherwise. I got to know Bob Marley and Lucky Dube from my dad and a lot of country music. Then my mother brought in the Christian element.”

The singer also touched upon the pivotal moment when she decided to follow her musical dreams, even if it meant leaving her university education behind.

“I was studying business, but I knew in my heart that I really wanted to study music. It was a tough conversation to have with my late dad, who was a professor. I remember us having that conversation, and my mother assured him that I would show them how serious I was. I went ahead and applied to a university.”

Taking a significant leap of faith, Kambua relocated to Canada to pursue her music studies.

She vividly remembered the life-changing moment when she arrived in Canada during the winter season in December 2005, experiencing snow for the first time.

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