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Kamene Goro: My hubby dumped me via a WhatsApp call

NRG radio host Kamene Goro on Thursday morning narrated to her listeners how she was dumped by her ex-husband through a Whatsapp call.

The topic of discussion on the NRB Breakfast Club was why marriages never seem to work these days.

Kamene, a former Ebru TV news anchor, narrated how she was at the French Embassy waiting to get her visa to go and watch the French Open when her then husband, who was in South Africa at the time, called her and told her that it was not working.

“This man who was twice my age and I was 25 then called me on WhatsApp and told me that it was not working out between the two of us. The humiliation was that he called me on WhatsApp, a free calling service,” Kamene narrated.


She added that she is at a better place now, adding that there is a lot of stigma placed on women because of failed relationships or marriages.

“He is old now and I’m still young,” she said unapologeticaly.

Kamene’s pre-wedding took place in Arusha, Tanzania in March 2016. The main wedding was to take place late last year in Genoa, Italy, but it never happened.

A year later she returned to Kenya and started deleting her pictures on social media of her South African ex-husband who she never revealed his name and only shared his pictures.

She also started sending cryptic messages on social media about her love life.

In June, Kamene who will soon be turning 26 said she is unmarried and proud.