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Kamene Goro just can’t stop talking about her ‘miserable’ ex-boyfriend

By Winnie Onyando September 3rd, 2022 3 min read

In a span of one year, Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has been repeatedly mentioning her ex-boyfriend in her morning show. And on each occasion she has thrown shade at the “unfortunate” soul who made the grave mistake of dumping her.

However, it is not clear whether Kamene has moved on or is still ‘attached’ to the said ex-boyfriend. Here are the instances the outspoken radio presenter her mentioned ex-boyfriend in not very flattering ways:

1. Loaning her ex-boyfriend more than Sh1 million

Kamene has revealed that she used to loan her ex-boyfriend money, which amounted to more than Sh1 million. Speaking in her morning show, Kamene said she regrets loaning her boyfriend the money since despite her sacrifices, their relationship ended in premium tears.

She went on to advise her fans to be very careful with the people they are dating.

“Get to know the person you are dating before going the extra mile of lending them a huge amount of money,” she said.

2. Her take on dating and marriage

When asked how she felt after being dumped by ex-husband, Kamene said her ex is the most miserable man in the world, especially after they broke up. She even revealed that she was dumped through a WhatsApp call.

“I can guarantee you he is the most miserable man right now in the world. He broke up with me via WhatsApp. He couldn’t even spend his money to break up with me,” she said.

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On the other hand, Kamene said that after their separation, she has not thought about marriage saying it’s not one of her priorities.

3. Nasty fight over her new Mercedes Benz E- Class

Kamene also on record for revealing how she once clashed with her ex-boyfriend because of her Mercedes Benz E-Class. This happened in September 2020 after she bought the German machine. She said her ex-lover used to lie that the car belonged to him, just to impress his friends.

“I was shocked that he lied to his friends about how he imported the new Benz to the country. This was a shock because the car was mine,” explained Kamene.

4. Claims of being swindled by her ex

Kamene has also said she was ‘naïve’ and used to give money to her ex-lover every time he needed some cash.

“The next time he wanted Sh22,000 to fly to Kisumu. Before long he would ask me to send cash for lunch. So like the good girlfriend I was, I would send Sh5,000 or Sh2,000. I realized there was something fundamentally wrong with the situation but I did not leave,” she once narrated.

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She says she only smelled a rat after it got to a point where she was spending her savings on the man.

5. Moving on two days after breaking up with her ex

Kamene is the of the view that women should not waste time being stressed by a breakup.

“If a man dumps you today and you are a beautiful lady and you know it, just move on immediately, don’t wait because you will just be stressed for no reason. When my ex-boyfriend dumped me, I moved on immediately. I was dumped on a Wednesday and on Friday I was on a date with another man,” she once said.

6. Claims of ex still trying to get her attention

Kamene is also on record for saying her ex still keeps trying to get her attention.

” I was dating this guy for close to a year and then things started getting serious and he saw that he could not keep up with the celebrity life. So he dumped me. But now he is always calling me for lunch, breakfast,” she narrated.

But however added that she has been turning down all these overtures, because “once you are an ex, it should remain that way, no second chances, no friendship.”

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