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Kamene Goro rushed to hospital in ambulance after house accident – VIDEO

High flying morning radio presenter Kamene Goro was rushed to a Nairobi hospital in an ambulance after suffering a major accident in her house.

Kamene shared a video of herself on a hospital bed saying that the accident had left her knee badly injured and needing surgery. She did not reveal how the accident happened.

“So yesterday I had a pretty unfortunate incident at a house I just moved into and I damaged my knee pretty badly,” said Kamene.

She said she was taken to Karen Hospital in an ambulance on Wednesday night and had an MRI conducted on Thursday.

“I came to the hospital last night in an ambulance…really struggled getting an MRI pumped full of painkillers you guy. Then I had to get the MRI this morning. Only for me to be admitted and told that I have surgery this morning (Thursday),” she said.

The presenter, who was poached alongside co-presenter Andrew Kibe, from NRG Radio by Kiss FM, said the accident has made her reflect on life lessons.

“I’ve learnt a lot of lessons but more specifically I think who will and who has positioned themselves in my life,” she said.

“And I wanna big up everyone who has showed me so much love…let’s see how it goes I won’t lie I’m pretty scared but it is what it is. Remember we are bigger than our struggles, always.”