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Get the popcorn! Kamene-Huddah spat lights up social media

Kiss 100 presenter Kamene Goro has started an online beef with Huddah Monroe after taking a swing at the socialite over her extravagant lifestyle.

In a video shared by vlogger Xtian Dela, Kamene raises the million dollar question over socialite’s source of income with which she sustains her lavish lifestyle.

In an unprovoked bare-knuckled assault, Kamene went as far as poking fun at Huddah for her ‘poor’ English.

“A girl with standard three English, has an apartment in Kileleshwa… what are you selling apart from k*****? What do you think she is, a lawyer?” Kamene poses in the video to the amusement of her audience, which includes her breakfast show co-host Andrew Kibe.


But as you would expect, Huddah wasn’t gonna take the jibe laying down. She quickly hit back with a stinging post, in which she referred to Kamene as a peasant.

“Only a b**** unsure of her position tries to prove herself. What is understood, doesn’t need to be explained. I am never oblivious to the reality of anything in life. Playing cool doesn’t mean playing a fool. It just means I am in control of the situation. Remember a queen never comes off her throne to address a peasant,” Huddah wrote in her reply in Instagram.

The online spat between the two celebrities left Kenyans on Twitter divided over the little matter, although many appeared to be sympathetic to Huddah.

“Kamene Goro should never be compared to ladies who don’t have dignity,” Thomas Khaemba said.

“Who is Kamene Goro or Kumeme Guro??? Whatever your name is. Please keep off Huddah Monroe. You aint even 10% of her beauty,” Husband Material wrote.


“Kamene Goro should be going after the likes of akina Vera Sidika. Going after Huddah is a suicide mission cause tuko nyuma yake kama mfuko ya jeans,” commented Gifted Baby.

“Lakini women are their own worst enemies… Kamene Goro once said she has slept with 27 men but is here dissing Huddah Monroe about her coins… can yall accept healthy competition,” Hakuna Matata said.

“The difference between Kameme Goro and Huddah Monroe is like day and night,” Charlie Oddie wrote.

In 2017 interview with K24 TV, Huddah explained that she makes her money from real estate adding that she sells lots of houses to expatriates.