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Kamiti convicts seek law on sentences by unfit judges

Seven convicts at Kamiti Maximum Prison want Parliament to make a law on the fate of people jailed by judges who are later declared unfit for the Judiciary by the vetting board.

In a petition filed with the Clerk of the National Assembly, the prisoners—some serving long sentences or life imprisonment, have also asked Parliament to explore ways of having the Power of Mercy Committee expedite their cases.

The petition was submitted on their own behalf and that of all other prisoners in Kenya.

They have prayed that: “Parliament considers legislating on the fate of decisions made by the judges and magistrates who have since been removed from the Judiciary on grounds of integrity.”

Review rulings

This means the prisoners are suggesting that Parliament ought to review the decisions made by judicial officials whose behaviour was found wanting by the Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board.

“The petition is the first of its kind in our young democracy,” Speaker Justin Muturi told MPs as he directed that the Committee on National Security and Administration handles the petition.

The prisoners have asked Parliament to review the Prisons Act to align it with the Constitution.

They have at the same time asked MPs to follow up the reforms started in the Prisons Department over the past five years to ensure that the rights of persons detained, in custody or imprisoned are observed.