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Kampala Deputy Mayor Doreen Nyanjura reacts to ‘lesbian’ claims

Kampala’s Deputy Lord Mayor Nyanjura Doreen Omutatina has addressed claims she is a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Plus community.

In her Tuesday statement on Twitter, the vocal politician said she had been insulted and branded worse, simply for being a notable gender activist and feminist.

“Roughly 98% of my friends are males, I have very few female friends, I hardly spend time with females. I have however on some occasions been called a lesbian because according to some ignorant Ugandans, Cindy inclusive, Feminists are lesbians! As for me, I don’t care what some of you call me, I have been called worse. I am immune to abuses, but one thing won’t change, I am a gender scholar, gender activist and a feminist,” said Deputy Mayor Omutatina.

In responding to several other follow up questions to her statement, she also said that getting married to a man was not her current priority and will get married when she feels like.

She, however, reiterated she has a daughter and intends on getting pregnant this year.

The Deputy Mayor’s statement came months after Uganda Musician Association President and musician Cindy Sanyu’s infamous sentiments in March 2023 that feminists are lesbians.

“Since the other day I was wondering what to tell women (Specifically)for women’s day so after a lot of thought this is my message to women.

Unless you’re lesbian, don’t join the feminist movement, you will end up sad, alone and lonely. No joke,” said Cindy Sanyu back then.

The popular singer’s sentiments once again became viral earlier this week as she is set to participate in a music battle next month against her musical rival, Sheebah, whom Deputy Lord Mayor Omutatina supports.

The battle will take place at Kololo Independence Grounds but the two opponents held a joint press conference ahead of the battle and it turned chaotic.

The Deputy Mayor also responded to a compatriot who questioned whether she was really a feminist or was simply pulling Cindy down.

“How exactly am I pulling her down? She is pulling down women by calling feminists lesbians! Shocked she doesn’t know basics,” Ms Omutatina clapped back.

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