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Kampala enforces ban on polythene bags as Nairobi lags behind

Uganda’s environmental authority has successfully implemented the ban on polythene bags, commonly known as kaveera, in Kampala and now seeks to spread the campaign across the country.

Uganda’s National Environmental Management Authority (Nema) says the ban has been effective in supermarkets in central Kampala.

Supermarkets have adjusted to using biodegradable packaging alternatives such as paper bags and long-lasting nylon bags.

“We began with Kampala but that doesn’t mean we end here. Other areas like Mukono, Jinja, Soroti, Masindi, Kabale and Mbarara are collecting sites and the implementation of the ban has to be country wide,” said Nema executive director Tom Okurut.

Kampala joins Kigali as the other East African city that has banne the used of polythene bags.

Kenya’s previous bids to ban the use of polythene bags have been meek, with manufacturers always threatening job losses in the industry and a rise in the cost of commodities to accommodate the higher cost of packaging.