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Kanda Bongo Man: I was not deported from Kenya over a woman

Contrary to rumours, Congolese singer Kanda Bongo Man was not forcibly deported or banned from re-entering the country because of an alleged romantic relationship.

In a recent interview on Radio Maisha, the talented artist shed light on an incident that took place in 1991.

There was speculation that he had a relationship with the mistress of a prominent politician.

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At this time, he recorded the song Wahito about the woman he later said he wanted to marry.

In April 1991, Kanda Bongo Man headlined a mega-concert in Kenya, captivating a sold-out audience at the Nyayo National Stadium.

During the star’s visit to the country, Hezekiah Ogengo Oyugi, the influential Permanent Secretary for Internal Security under President Daniel Moi, personally invited Kanda Bongo Man to perform for his daughter’s wedding at his residence.

However, a complication arose when Kanda Bongo Man realised his visa was about to expire. He approached Mr Oyugi and explained the situation, hoping for assistance in extending his visa so that he could continue his stay.

Unfortunately, instead of assistance, the singer experienced a series of unfortunate events.

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His performance permit was abruptly revoked and heavily armed guards were stationed at the hotel where he was staying, leaving him feeling unsafe and targeted.

“It had nothing to do with women. People like to twist stories,” he said.

Kanda Bongo Man denied allegations that he had a romantic relationship with a popular TV journalist.

“You know, when I came to Kenya, I was busy performing and had no time to watch TV.

I had been out of Kenya for 12 years and when the journalist attended a press conference at the airport, he was asked if he knew the popular TV presenter but he said no as he had never met her before,” he explained.

During his recent interview, the singer expressed his deep connection to Kenya, describing it as a place where he felt embraced and treated like family.

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