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Kangongo’s death wish

Deceased policewoman Caroline Kangago reportedly left behind death wishes in which she, among other things, requested her body be dressed in a wedding gown and then creameted.

According to police, Kangongo who’s been on the run for 11 days was found dead at her parents’ home in Elgeyo Marakwet county on Friday, July 16, 2021.

She was wanted for the murder of two people, including a colleague John Ogweno and businessman Peter Ndwiga.

And in a string of mobile phone messages attributed to her, Kangogo blames her ex-husband and Ndwiga for her woes.

“To my people, it’s my wedding day dress me in a white gown that (my husband) Ngeno didn’t afford,” the note reads in part.

“To my parents (I) am requesting my body be cremated to end your suffering. Remember to take good care of my children,” the note added.

The deceased has also appeared to blame a senior police officer, whom she did not name, for sexually harassing her while at work, and also appeared to suggest that she thought about killing her husband.

Besides her open dislike for the father of her two children, Kangongo has accused Ndwiga for conning her Sh1.5 million

“He(Njiru) arrongantly tells me he isn’t paying (and I) even found him with a new probox (car).”

The deceased however shows remorse for Ogweno whom she is accused of killing during her last days on earth.

Her body is currently preserved at a mortuary in Iten.