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Kanini Kega slams Uhuru’s Jubilee meeting

The squablles in Jubilee party, a political outfit associated with former president Uhuru Kenyatta, continued today when the faction led by Kanini Kega questioned the legality of the meeting held in Nairobi on May 12, 2023.

The said meeting dubbed the National Delegates Conference (NDC) was attended by among others the former president in Nairobi.

In an address to the media, Kega argued that the gathering was not an official NDC but rather a political rally, therefore lacking any legal consequence.

Kega’s concerns arise from a recent ruling by the Independent Dispute Resolution Committee (IDRC), which temporarily suspended the notice issued by former President Uhuru Kenyatta regarding the NDC.

The IDRC’s decision was made pending the hearing and determination of a dispute challenging the legality of the purported NDC. Consequently, the meeting held today at Ngong Racecourse and its intended outcomes are now being questioned.

Addressing the media shortly after he was expelled from the party by the Uhuru-led faction, Kega emphasized the event did not have the official endorsement of the party and should not be considered a legitimate NDC.

He expressed apprehension about the potential for further internal divisions within the party and urged a resolution of the ongoing dispute through appropriate channels.

“The meeting held today at Ngong Racecourse was not an NDC of the Jubilee Party but rather another political rally, which carries no legal consequences. The IDRC ruling has suspended the notice issued by former President Uhuru Kenyatta, pending the resolution of the dispute challenging the NDC’s legality. Therefore, the meeting held today and its purported outcomes hold no legal weight,” Kega stated.

Earlier at the party’s NDC, former President Kenyatta, accompanied by party officials namely Jeremiah Kioni (Secretary-General) and David Murathe (Vice Chairman), revealed his initial intentions to step away from politics and address other pressing matters. However, he expressed that external pressures compelled him to remain in politics.

“I had planned to leave politics and tackle other issues. I had hoped to relinquish my position at an NDC like this, but certain individuals have resorted to making threats and using force,” Mr. Kenyatta acknowledged, highlighting the challenges he has faced.

During the National Delegates Conference, the Jubilee Party expelled several party rebels, including nominated MP Sabina Chege, EALA legislator Kanini Kega, and Nelson Dzuya. Additionally, former MPs Jimi Angwenyi, Naomi Shaban, Joshua Kutuny, Mutava Musyimi, and Rachel Nyamai also faced expulsion from the party.

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