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Irony of ‘kanjo’ askaris enforcing county by-laws in this junk – PHOTOS

Imagine Nairobi County Government officials working hard all day to enforce the county by-laws, with faulty vehicles.

Well, imagine no more, it actually happen everyday.

In this case, Nairobi News spotted the County government askaris conducting an operation within the CBD with an unroadworthy vehicle.

The incident was captured by our team on Wednesday at the bus station.

The jalopy in question, a Toyota pick-up registration number 47CG205A, had a broken head lamp, worn out tyres and a rusty coat of paint which was practically peeling off.

A patrol car belong to the Nairobi County Government in the city's CBD. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS
A patrol car belong to the Nairobi County Government in the city’s CBD. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS


Ideally, no other private vehicle would be allowed to move on Kenyan roads in that shape.

This one does, however.

In this case, the normally ruthless ‘kanjos’ were spotted driving the car around, arresting hawkers and conductors, then dumping them at the back of the vehicle.

Generally, most of the vehicles used by the county government in its operations within the CDB are in bad shape.