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Kansiime loses millions in ad revenue after Instagram hack

Uganda’s top comedienne Anne Kansiime says she is making huge losses after her Instagram account was hacked.

Hackers took over Kansiime’s account hours after taking control of that of her compatriot, socialite Zari Hassan.

In the past two days, Zari’s Instagram account that has 4.2 million followers has been in the hands of the hackers who are demanding a cool 4,000 dollars (Sh400,000) in form of bit coins before handing it back.

But with a stubborn Zari not yielding to the demands, the hackers have been causing havoc including posting porn as well Diamond’s ex Hamisa Mobetto.


For Kansiime, the hack has seen her lose about a quarter a million followers. She took the rant about the loss on YouTube.

“My Instagram handle was @Kansiime256, I had over 250,000 followers. One moment I got a phone call from a friend asking what’s wrong with my account. I get my phone, went to the account and it is showing me zero followers, I am following zero people and even the profile picture is gone. It like they put it back to factory setting” she said.

“I couldn’t believe I had zero followers on social media. Right now social media is a big deal when you want to advertise, it’s a big deal when you talking to advertisers for me to lose something like that. I am hurt” she added

However, unlike Zari who is working hard to have her account back, Kansiime has decided to open a new account and is now urging her followers to ditch the hacked one and follower the new one.