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KANU leader Gideon Moi calls for a review of the Finance Bill

Kenya African National Union (KANU) boss Gideon Moi has appealed for a review of the Finance Bill 2023 so as to cushion Kenyans against proposed punitive taxation as the Independence party marks it’s 63rd anniversary.

In a statement, Mr Moi regretted the Finance Bill will burden citizens who are struggling to meet ends meet.

“Today, countless Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet. While taxes are essential for financing the nation’s recurrent and development expenses, it is clear that prosperity cannot be solely derived from taxation,” said the former Baringo senator in a statement.

He added that: “Consequently, it is imperative the government reviews the Finance Bill, 2023, currently in the National Assembly, and engages in comprehensive public participation to alleviate the burden of punitive tax clauses due to their severe implications for our citizens.”

He also appealed to policymakers to explore avenues to create a favorable and conducive environment for direct foreign investment.

“By enhancing manufacturing capabilities and generating employment opportunities, we can integrate a significant number of Kenyans into the mainstream job market and reduce overreliance on taxes,” added Mr Moi.

He observed that KANU had contributed to the country’s growth and development, despite its waning influence in the political arena.

“However, we also acknowledge our misdeeds along the way. After all, a political party is comprised of people and to err is simply being human. We acknowledge those missteps and strive for improvement,” said Mr Moi.

He noted that: “Over time, KANU has undergone a transformation, welcoming fresh blood and minds, and nurturing young people within our ranks by leading critical roles and initiatives within the party. We are embracing new technologies, adopting progressive policies, and promoting innovative ideas in recognition that the world faces a new set of global challenges that we must adapt to.”

The Finance Bill has attracted varied debate from Kenyans. Its proposals include higher taxed on Kenyans earning over Sh500,000, plus an introduction of taxes on content creators and those dealing with wigs, fake nails and other beauty related stuff.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has also asked President Ruto to consider reviewing the Bill but the Head of State appeared to defend the Bill, saying it is important to extend the tax base to enable Kenya meet her obligations.

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