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Kanu official Abdiraham Bafadhili defends Gideon Moi amid Nick Salat’s onslaught

A senior Kenya Africa National Union (KANU) official has rubbished claims by embattled secretary general Nick Salat, who says he was frustrated within the political outfit for the past decade and a half.

The rebuttal comes days after Mr. Salat hinted at ditching Kanu and joining the ruling Kenya Kwanza coalition.

The vocal salat spoke at the Bomet Stadium on January 15, 2022, in the presence of President William Ruto and DP Rigathi Gachagua during a thanksgiving prayer rally.

But Kanu’s Organizing Secretary Abdiraham Bafadhili says he was shocked by the claims.

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“We have no problem with him supporting the President because he is the current president for everyone. However, I was surprised that he said he was being mistreated at the party. As far as I know, he was comfortable,” noted Mr. Bafadhali.

On joining hands with President Ruto, Mr Salat compared himself to the Biblical prodigal son.

“Like the prodigal son, I want to state publicly that I will back you for the Presidency for the next 10 years,” Mr. Salat said. “I want to assure you that I will support you all the way. I cannot afford to be out of government, to be away from the majority. I am back to the fold.”

Bafadhili said the independence party is in opposition to stay despite recent comments by its embattled secretary general Nick Salat that he was backing Kenya Kwanza.

“As a party, we are in opposition to stay and put the government in check. We will criticize if it will not do what we feel is not right and support the administration if it does good to Kenyans,” stated Mr Bafadhili.

He also said though the position of secretary general currently is vacant following his suspension, there was no power vacuum in one of the oldest party in the country.

Mr Bafadhili noted the party will decide the next move after the disciplinary committee makes its decision.

On December 15, 2022, Kanu party set up a disciplinary committee to look into the conduct of Mr Salat. The committee is led by Kilgoris MP Julius Konchellah and is expected to deliver its verdict in coming weeks on the fate of the suspended Secretary general.

“Our party is not brief-case party, it is guided by law and its constitution. We will respect the decision of the committee . . . we will decide what next after the competent team has made their decision whether positive or negative,” said the official.

At the same time, Mr Bafadhali also defended the party chairman Gideon Moi from Salat’s accusations, blaming ethnic politics and waves that sweep away party’s and not lack of political strategy.

“He might be having weakness like any other human but he is a sober and good leader, who stood firm and kept his word. If he makes a promise to anyone, he will keep it,” said Mr Bafadhili.

He added; “I know Mr Salat was best suited for the Bomet seat due to his generosity, he too lost to a nondescript politician because of a political party wave.”

“Our party lost seats including our chairman because he stood by Azimio leader Raila Odinga during the elections. And voters felt his decision was harming his brother Ruto’s political ambitions,” said Mr Bafadhaili.

In the last parliament, the political party had 11 MPs but now have six elected MPs.