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Kanze Dena’s big broom sweeps aside PSCU’s Twitter, FB accounts

New State House spokesman Kanze Dena appears to have hit the ground running, cleaning up the mess that had crept into the president’s official communication.

On Friday afternoon, State House released a list of what it called the official accounts through which the Presidency shall communicate online.

On Twitter, the new list has left out some popular accounts @PresidentKE and @PSCU_Digital that were being used by the State House Communication team to communicate.

In a statement authored by the Chief of Staff & Head of Delivery Nzioka Waita, State House clarified that only @StateHouseKenya, @UKenyatta, @FirstLadyKenya and @KanzeDena shall be used to communicate official news.


“As part of ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility and flow of information from the Office of the President, State House has undertaken a review of the various digital media accounts that have in the past been used to convey official information on the activities of H.E the President, Uhuru Kenyatta,” the statement read in part.

On Facebook as well a review was done to have only State House Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and Office of the First Lady Kenya. PSCU directors had operated a litany of accounts on Facebook.

“Please note that all official communication originating from the President’s Strategic Communications Unit shall be strictly communicated through the aforementioned channels. Operational correspondence by PSCU staff to media outlets will be done through officially assigned “” email addresses. It is further advised that State House shall not accept any liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies arising from the reliance by a media outlet on communication delivered through any other unofficial means,” the statement read.

The move comes just days after the PSCU Twitter account bungled the announcement of President Kenyatta’s new aide-de-camp misspelling his name prompting a retraction and correction.