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Karen County Club deletes tweets on ‘how to dine at the exclusive facility’

By Hilary Kimuyu September 1st, 2022 2 min read

The super exclusive members-only Karen Country Club is edging towards another storm after it deleted tweets that were meant to educate would be visitors at their facility.

The club recently announced that it has opened its doors to the public and even listed what the club requires of its would-be-guests.

Non-members were advised to alight from nduthi (motorcycle)100 metres away from the gate, tuck in their shirts and remove trouser from inside socks. They were also forbidden from carrying A4 envelopes.

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Those lucky enough to be granted entry were also advised on the language to use while ordering food; deep fried potato beignets with coriander instead of viazi karai, Succotash Medley with Tomato Passata for githeri and gallic chilly sautéed tripe served with corn roux for matumbo ugali.

Lovers of dry fry ugali were advised to place an order for sichuan dry fried beef served with corn meal.

A screenshot of the tweets. PHOTO | COURTESY

First-time would-be-guests were also advised not to panic upon receiving their bills, to wipe their faces with clean handkerchiefs and not to curse while figuring out how to settle the bill.

“Stay calm and continue to breath. Do not run away,” they said.

A screenshot of the tweets. PHOTO | COURTESY

According to information on the Karen Country Club website, membership fees for a single member were Sh450,000 and Sh800,000 for a couple.

To access golfing facilities, you would need Sh150,000 for a single-person membership and Sh300,000 for a double membership. Junior members between the ages of 18 and 25 part with Sh84,000 and Sh75,000 in membership and golfing fees respectively.

Before going public, the club required several qualifications for membership.

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For instance, people interested in becoming members would require a formal introduction by two members of the club, who must have been members for a minimum of two years.

They were also required to be “of good standing”, according to information available on the club’s website.

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The actual process of becoming a member, however, was not an easy one. Once a potential member is “proposed” by an existing member, they need to submit a letter of introduction and CV to the membership office.

They would then provide photographs, fill out a proposal form and then wait for a decision to be made by the balloting committee tasked with approving or declining applications.