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Karen Nyamu addresses claims married lover, Samidoh, has a third ‘wife’

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu on April 14, 2023, addressed questions on whether her married baby daddy, Samidoh, had a third woman in his life in addition to his wife, Edday Nderitu, and her, his mistress.

The reaction came a day after Samidoh, born Samuel Muchoki, posted a photo of himself with an unidentified woman, both of them in basketball tops and he called her his ‘omuwaifu’.

Samidoh, a controversial musician and policeman posted their photo as he told of a past story from his life

“Back then disco matanga was equal to the Mugithi shows we go to these days. Now that I was a youth, I had freedom of attending without Wasammy asking too much but she had to know where I had gone for a ‘matanga’. I was among the top music leaders in the village, especially in kigoooco, and DeSagu with his darama😂🤣🤣.  I made a guitar out of a jerrican and the chief used to give me a line up at all disco matangas. The problem was after finishing kigooco and other singers starts singing ,I had no one to dance with.

My ‘omuwaifu’ (wife) never used to get permission so I called a committee to know how I was going to get my ‘omuwaifu’ to come to the matangas with me. We decided that we will be going for her at night, she would come out through the window and then we would take her back at the crack of dawn. We used to go to her room’s window, tap it twice and she would come out we go.

There were no phones, WiFis, emails or the modern CCTV cameras but there was the Kenyan traditional cctvs, those women who woke up early to go to people’s houses for tea before it was even ready. They would even drink it without sugar. They went and reported to my omuwaifu’s home and her mother knew that to catch a thief, she had to be a thief. On that day, we went for her as usual, I sneaked up to the wind and knocked thrice. The window was opened but instead of my wife, I just felt a slap land on me and then a torch was shone in my face.

‘Sammie, so it is you who has been bothering my child she can’t sleep because you take her to the disco?’ Marite and Desagu saw this and ran away as I followed them. The following day, red cross parliamentary committee and other bipartisan committees held a sitting at my home. Wasammy was told what happened and she said she gives me permission to go to disco matangas because I am an adult. This was the first time she defended me,” narrated Samidoh.

Over on Karen Nyamu’s latest Instagram post, her fans asked her if she knew there was another woman in Samidoh’s life being referred to as wife in addition to Edday Nderitu. It was then that in several comments, she addressed the claims that her married lover had another woman.

“We’ve heard that there are three of you now,” said Wanjir Muthoni to which Nyamu responded by saying, “Hehehe, you wish.”

Njuguna Caro added by commenting, “There is a third omuwife somewhere,” to which Nyamu additionally responded by saying, “Hahahaha, hivyo ndio bwanayako alikuoa? (Is that how your husband married you?).

“I see the team is increasing you are almost baking up a football team. What do you say mhesh?” asked Bobo Machari to which Nyamu responded by saying, “Ata wewe pigwa selfie uiingie (You should also take a selfie together so that you can join the team).

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