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Karen Nyamu claps back at Pastor T over Sh420k alcohol critique

Karen Nyamu has responded to criticism from Pastor T Mwangi regarding her extravagant gift of alcohol worth over Ksh 420,000 to Samidoh.

Sharing a video of Pastor T’s sermon, Karen playfully questioned if he preferred brand-new banknotes and asserted that God does not desire money, as offerings go to the preacher.

“Umesema unataka noti mpya mpya? Don’t misrepresent God. He’s not petty, and he doesn’t like cash. Cash ni yako. Alafu unataka tujinga tukisema (The money is yours. And you want us to act like sycophants by saying), ‘Amen, powerful word.’ If it’s not in the Bible, it is not the word,” Karen Nyamu captioned the video of Pastor T’s preaching.

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Karen Nyamu’s reaction to Pastor T’s sermon comes after he previously criticised politicians for their extravagant lifestyles while ordinary citizens were struggling.

Pastor T expressed his disapproval of politicians spending Ksh 420,000 on alcohol, a sentiment that Karen Nyamu did not comment on until now.

Meanwhile, pastor T has been trending for expressing his disapproval of the practice of dowry payment for women.

In an interview with SPMbuzz, Pastor T Mwangi openly expressed his aversion to the notion of placing a price tag on someone and did not shy away from sharing his perspective.

“Nakuja kwenyu kwa huyu dem naambiwa huyu dem ni mbuzi 99, hivyo ndio mamako alinunuliwa lazma umnunue hivyo.”

Translated to English, this statement means, “I go to meet this lady, and I’m told this lady is worth 99 goats, that’s how your mother was purchased, so you must buy her.”

Speaking as a man, Pastor T Mwangi explained how, during dowry negotiations, individuals sometimes feel compelled to quantify the value of a woman by comparing her worth to livestock and other commodities.

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This, he suggested, could inadvertently lead to a decrease in the perceived value of the woman.

He went on to express that dowry negotiations often resemble business transactions and can create opportunities for individuals to devalue one another.

“Some of these things make it seem like we’re buying people. I’ve sat in those dowry negotiations, and I tell you the truth in my mind, I’ve thought, imagine if I’ve spent a significant amount, say 99 goats and three cows, I’ve paid cash for these things they’ve demanded, I might end up mistreating this person because I feel like I’ve purchased them.”

Pastor T Mwangi emphasised that when individuals are aware that a girl’s family values their daughter, it fosters greater respect for her.

“There are factors that hinder us from doing a few things, and one of them is knowing that you have your people, which makes you feel respected. The moment your family looks like they were the ones receiving the money to sell you, I will disrespect you,” he concluded.

He also remarked that people who genuinely love their partners should not focus on monetary values but instead honor the parents in their own way.

“If you truly love someone, you will give your all, but the truth is, you wouldn’t want to hear that this person possibly cost this amount. You would honor the parents in the best way you know, because the way you value that person, if they start to argue, you will feel like they’re depreciating them.”

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