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Karen Nyamu faces backlash over false tampon partnership claim

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is facing public backlash following the refutation of her recent claims about a partnership with Kotex.

On Sunday, June 30, Nyamu announced via Instagram that she had teamed up with the company to distribute tampons to schoolgirls.

However, Kotex has publicly denied any such collaboration.

Nyamu, a mother of three, posted:

“Karenzo Nyamu, shawry of tu bullets. Na juu ya hiyo story, my foundation has had a series of meetings with Kotex Kenya to negotiate a good deal so that we can supply free tampons in schools, particularly in our slums. I’m so excited.”

In a swift response, Kotex used social media to discredit her claim, posting a screenshot of her statement labeled ‘Fake.’

Their statement read:

“Kotex hereby confirms that no discussions or conversations have taken place with Karen Nyamu. Any assertions regarding a prospective partnership involving Kotex are entirely false. Our commitment remains steadfast in championing women’s progress for all Kenyans. We emphasize that Kotex does not engage in any political affiliations or endorsements. We maintain our dedication to transparency and accuracy in all communications.”

This denial comes just a week after Nyamu was involved in a heated debate regarding her views on taxing sanitary towels.

The proposed eco-levy in the Finance Bill would have increased the cost of pads, sparking controversy.

In response to a Kenyan questioning her opinion, Nyamu stated that she uses tampons, which prompted criticism from the public.

One concerned Kenyan wrote, “Umesema you do not care about pads prices juu unatumia tampons? 🤔🤔🤔🤔” to which Nyamu replied on Instagram, “…@wanjikustephens hehehe does it mean if you use pads you don’t care about tampons? I use tampons, yes! And that triggers some people.”

Despite the backlash, Nyamu remains determined to push forward with her foundation’s initiatives.

She has reassured her supporters that her foundation would continue to work on projects aimed at exposing girls to alternative feminine hygiene products like tampons and period cups.

“You have seen me & my foundation pledge to causes and you have seen me on the ground delivering. You have also seen us take up causes that have benefited society. You have seen me announce projects that have been successful,” she stated.

Nyamu also expressed regret over the situation with Kotex, acknowledging the political tension in the country.

“Sometimes companies forget political figures are also people and what we do to impact the community is bigger than ourselves. As for Kotex Kenya I feel sorry for the backlash you had to endure yesterday due to my political stand at a time when political temperatures in the country are hot, forcing you to make the statement you made. Our aim is not to set you up so we will let it rest there.”

She concluded by emphasising her commitment to the cause, stating, “My foundation & I will diligently work to make sure this project will come to fruition. Nothing excites me and lights my soul like engaging the ground to make a difference. And to remind you that if I had listened to my critics, and trolls years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am. I only consult the word of God period.”