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Karen Nyamu opens up about her mother’s heartbreaking battle with cancer

Nominated senator Karen Njeri Nyamu recently shared her emotional journey of losing her mother to cancer in a candid interview with Reke Ciume Ene on YouTube.

The mother of two spoke about her upbringing in a Christian family and the profound impact her mother’s passing had on her life.

Karen, the second born in a family of four, described her upbringing in a fair background, where her parents worked hard to provide the best for their children.

Her mother, known for being selective in choosing her friends, was an active member of the woman’s guild, while her father served as a Sunday School teacher.

Tragically, Karen’s life took an unexpected turn when she lost her mother to cancer at the tender age of 17.

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She recalled her mother’s strength and the difficult task her father faced in breaking the heartbreaking news to their family.

The loss profoundly impacted Karen, and she admitted that she still struggles to overcome the grief to this day.

“I didn’t get a chance to outgrow that stage of interacting with my mum. I have not overcome the loss of my mum, and even today, I avoid speaking about her. I have never healed from her loss since I have never accepted moving on from the fact that she died,” Karen shared with evident emotion.

Karen acknowledged her father’s pivotal role in her life after her mother’s passing.

Their bond grew stronger as her dad took on the role of both parents.

Karen said he taught her the importance of hard work and taking proactive steps towards achieving her goals.

Admiring politician Martha Karua, Karen dreamt of becoming a lawyer from a young age.

She excelled academically, and her potential to fulfill her dreams was evident.

However, she admitted to experiencing a rebellious phase before completing class 8.

“My dad brought me close to him so much, and I couldn’t want to let him down,” Karen expressed, highlighting how her father’s unwavering support and guidance kept her on track despite facing challenges during her teenage years.

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