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Karen Nyamu opens up on her motherhood journey

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has opened up on her motherhood journey despite her busy career life. In an interview on a Kikuyu show Reke Ciume na Ene the mother of three described motherhood as a beautiful and pleasant journey.

Adding that she would do anything to provide and be there for her children, Nyamu shared that motherhood is something she wishes every woman to experience.

Terming her children as sources of her joy, Nyamu, who doubles up as a lawyer, acknowledged that the satisfaction she gets from being called their mother knows no bounds.

Revealing that she was first called a mom when working in the law firm, Nyamu noted that she has never succumbed to the demands of being a mother and her career, stating that she always balances the two responsibilities.

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Drawing from the last year’s campaign period when she was pregnant with her third born, Nyamu hilariously admitted how she was being helped in the dias by the security detail of President William Ruto.

“There was a time Mohammed Ali, the Nyali MP, was with President Ruto during the campaign period and he was telling him (Ruto) how he is sympathizing with me. In response, Dr Ruto told him that this (me) is a person who knows what she wants,” she said.

Then added, “When I was campaigning, my motivation then and always has always been my children. Even when I leave the country on different activities, they still remain my motivation for I will bring them gifts that they might not find in this country.”

Though it is not like a walk in the park, Nyamu also shared that she misses holding and hugging her babies when calling them through video.

“Even though there is a gap when I’m away and I have left them, it is a worthy sacrifice.”

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