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Karen Nyamu raises eyebrows with her bathroom twerking video

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has embarked on a weekend retreat in Naivasha, showcasing her carefree spirit.

Once again, she has delighted her followers by sharing a new video, where she gracefully moves her waist with infectious energy.

Clad in a vibrant pink tracksuit, Karen exudes joy, dancing leisurely and flaunting her impressive dance skills.

Karen was jamming to Nigerian artiste Ketchup’s popular song, ‘Pam Pam’.

The video has ignited a wave of enthusiastic responses from Karen Nyamu’s fans, who eagerly shared their reactions.

Evance Martryx Omenda: Samidoh is savoring some delicious meat here.

Shacky Shackina: Waaaaaaah! Alaaaaaa! Karenzo, you’re enchanting Samidoh. Anyway, when Karen Nyamu is happy, Team #Nothingbutlove is happy too.

Peter Kipkirui: If that’s his daily routine, then Samido is always a contented man.

Bevaa Lee: Team “Nothing but prayer,” if this is Karenzo’s daily gesture to our man, then forget everything, it’s fully approved.

tabbie_tashly: Kenyan politicians, where did we go wrong?

jaydenadypinchez: Mambo inachemkaaa apa.

During one of her live sessions, Nyamu revealed herself as a vulnerable victim of circumstances, expressing that she feels consistently misunderstood and misquoted.

As a mother of three, she shared that netizens have been reluctant to grasp the complexities of her love life, unfairly labeling her as an “infamous home wrecker.”

“I am the most misunderstood woman in Kenya. It’s not like I want y’all to understand me. It’s okay. I just love that I’m so real to myself, to my God, and to everyone around me,” she said.

Karen Nyamu has developed a resilient attitude towards internet trolling.

She has also discussed her challenges in finding genuine and like-minded friends with whom she can confide.

“My dad, my step-mum, my friend who doesn’t live in Kenya, and my man are my friends. I have never found a genuine friend who has my character traits. Someone true to themselves like me. People are different and they have different interests. A lot of women want to talk to me just to benefit. I am very introverted,” she explained why she has few friends.