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Karen Nyamu reacts to Gengetone trio’s vulgar love song for her

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has expressed her displeasure with a love song released by a rap group that hails from Nakuru.

The Gengetone trio, known as Shawn Mugz and Zenga Sensation, dedicated the explicit song to the senator, praising her beauty while expressing their desire to pursue a romantic relationship with her.

The attention of Ms Nyamu, a mother of three, was drawn to the now viral music video, which she shared on her social media platforms on Tuesday, July 18.

However, the senator was unimpressed by the crude lyrics and distasteful remarks made about her.

The chorus of the song includes the lines: “Nani kadogo kazuri? Ka mummy ka pretty kasupu, kanafanya ma youth hatulali.”

The line translates to: “Who is this small beauty? Like a pretty mom with a curvy backside, keeping the youth awake.”

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Among the explicit verses, one of the rappers boldly asks, “Nyamu, can you be my boo?”

The video prominently features a group of youths proudly carrying a photo of Nyamu, along with placards representing their city, Nakuru, and others displaying messages of love for the senator.

The explicit nature of the song and its lyrics have sparked mixed reactions from the public with some of Nyamu’s fans expressing their disappointment on social media.

“@karenzo.nyamu should take this video down from YouTube; this is not good, bad language for a leader like you,” @dj_nexus_254, commented.

Another user, @d.arrrlin, raised concerns about the influence such music might have on the youth, saying, “Who will save the drugs from the youth? Aki!”

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However, not all comments were critical of the controversial song.

User @eliud_wycliffe seemed unfazed, stating, “Kenya is a big mental hospital; it’s cool, we’re fine with it.”

Similarly, @jowy.maina seemed to imply that Nyamu’s public image may have played a role in inviting such attention, saying:

“What does she expect with the way she carries herself (venye anajibeba)… respect yourself first in order to receive that respect.”

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