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Karen Nyamu: ‘Samidoh is too good for one woman’

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has offered insights into her perspective on polygamy, asserting that certain men should not be confined to a monogamous relationship.

In a conversation with bloggers on Thursday, November 30, the mother of three expressed her support for polygamy, suggesting that not all men should be exclusive to one woman.

“Why monopolize a good man all to yourself? Some men are meant to be shared, and for that reason, I strongly advocate for polygamy.”

Addressing her relationship with Mugiithi artist Samidoh, Karen acknowledged that their journey has faced challenges, with instances of unfollowing each other online.

“We’ve unfollowed each other multiple times, but that doesn’t hold significant weight for us,” she shared during the interview.

Karen Nyamu took a leading role in mobilizing members of parliament to contribute funds for Samidoh, during the launch of his foundation at the Parklands Sports Club.

In her speech, she spoke about Samidoh’s commitment to charitable causes, emphasizing that the funds raised would be directed toward a commendable purpose.

“I am a witness of the passion he has of giving and normally he does not even shout. I am surprised he has videos of him giving. He is a giver and he can give and be left without anything. Your contribution will go to a good course. We invited many in our senate and some of them have sent me, the speaker has sent me and others.”

In October, Karen defended her relationship with renowned Mugiithi artiste, Samidoh, despite its sparked controversy.

The couple, who share two children together, has been the subject of intense public scrutiny especially after his wife left with their three children to live in the US.

In a candid interview with NTV’s Fredrick Muitiriri on October 9, Karen firmly asserted that she had not broken any laws by being in a relationship with a man who was already married.

“I’m I the only one who posts her family online? Have you seen the president’s family online? That’s not a fair question. Do you know Kenyan law properly? Go and check the law that was passed in our parliament about polygamy. I have not broken any law in that situation. There are kids involved, and I follow the law correctly,” Karen passionately responded when asked about the ethical dimensions of her relationship.

Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu had earlier on said she was not ready to bring up her children in a polygamous marriage.