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Karen Nyamu threatens ban on viral trend ‘Aluta Sundays’, netizens react

Nairobi’s vibrant nightlife is facing a potential shake-up as nominated Senator Karen Nyamu takes a stand against the popular ‘Aluta Sundays’ in clubs across the city.

Nyamu, through her social media platforms, issued a stern warning to club owners, expressing her intention to lobby for the ban of the overnight program that has become a staple for many partygoers.

In the vibrant Sheng subculture, “Aluta” means to feel good, often associated with the use of weed.

Senator Nyamu, a mother of three, believes that the 24-hour party life, which kicks off on Saturday night and extends into Sunday morning, negatively impacts the youth of Nairobi.

Kuna kitu inaharibu vijana hapa Nairobi inaitwa Aluta. Hio fom mi ndio nitaichoma. (There is a growing party trend ruining the youth here in Nairobi called Aluta. I will ban it.) Club owners, this is your notice,” stated Senator Karen Nyamu.

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What is Aluta Sundays?

The phenomenon of ‘Aluta Sundays’ originated from popular club owners and DJs seeking to maintain the attendance of revellers throughout the weekend.

Several clubs in Nairobi have cleverly implemented this novel strategy that has quickly gained popularity.

Tailored for enthusiasts of reggae music who are either reluctant to call it a night or simply seeking Sunday morning entertainment, ‘Aluta Sundays’ have become synonymous with the vibrant sounds of reggae artistes.

The concept has gained immense popularity among club owners, leading to the establishment of designated zones dedicated to ‘Aluta Sundays’.

Contrary to hosting these events within the confines of the club, some establishments have opted to relocate Aluta fans to the parking area.

By Sunday morning, the parking space is transformed, with all vehicles cleared out, making room for staff to arrange seating for the Aluta Sunday ‘service.’

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This innovative adaptation has added an extra layer of appeal to the ‘Aluta Sunday’ experience, making it a distinct and eagerly anticipated event in the local nightlife scene.

Nyamu’s announcement has triggered a mix of reactions from the public, with some supporting the senator’s stance on curbing what they see as a potentially harmful trend.

However, many partygoers and business owners argue that ‘Aluta Sundays’ have become an integral part of Nairobi’s nightlife, contributing positively to the entertainment industry.

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Media personality Joyce Gituro, known for her recent viral discussion about ‘Aluta Sundays’ with her son Jakes Nyanjom, has expressed support for Senator Nyamu’s move.

Gituro believes that addressing the impact of the 24-hour party culture is a step in the right direction.

Joyce Gituro: Finally God has heard my prayers! Wambilianga na wenzake kimewaramba!

Here are more comments from social media users:

Ifinix gold fun page: Maliza kabisa 🤨 Jana Kuna yamsee mwingine nilimwaga by mistake tukiwach game 🤨 akanitishia maisha sana.

Mykerose 254 music: You can’t advise this generation. They know everything. The best you’ll get is insults the only option is to dictate force is the only language they understand.

Ka White Superstars: Where else do you want vijana to be?How many opportunities have you created?Ukipata nakula kwa dustbin sijapewa chakula nzuri nikakataa.

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