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Karen Nyamu thrown out of Senate for dressing unparliamentarily

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu was on Tuesday thrown out of the Senate for dressing unparliamentarily.

Prior to that, the controversial senator was engaged with Migori Senator Eddy Oketch petitioned the Speaker over Nyamu’s dress code.

Senator Nyamu is said to have walked into the chambers wearing a sleeveless dress, which is not allowed under the parliamentary rules.

“I am really getting concerned with the kind of leadership that the Majority side is showing this house. We are watering down the essence of Parliament,” Senator Oketch said.

Senate Speaker Amason Kingi had to kick out Senator Nyamu from the Senate chambers for dressing unparliamentarily.

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Before Senator Nyamu was kicked out, both sides of the house started shouting at each other. The Speaker ended the debate by giving a ruling on Ms Nyamu’s dressing.

“Senators are required not to enter the chamber lounge or dining room without being properly dressed; male MPs must wear collared long-sleeved shirts; a tie, a pair of socks and shoes. Women, on the other hand, should wear clothes that are decent, formal, and are of business-wear nature,” the Speaker said.

“Senator Nyamu, I’m afraid, you do not fit the bill and I’m going to ask you to leave the chambers, get properly dressed and come back to the chambers,” he ruled.

Last week on Thursday, Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua was denied the opportunity to speak during the Senate’s special sitting after attempting to address the House remotely while dressed in a manner that did not meet Senate standards.

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Mr Wambua logged into the sitting virtually, attempted to address the house with audio only, saying network issues were hampering video transmission. However, Speaker Kingi asked him to put his camera on, to confirm that he is appropriately dressed for the August House.

After a moment of impasse, Wambua turned his camera on, which revealed he was wearing a red sports jacket with a Kenyan flag.

“Senator Wambua, you are not properly dressed,” Speaker Kingi said, to which Senator Wambua protested, “Mr Speaker this is Kenyan attire with a flag of the Republic of Kenya.”

Despite his protest, Kingi ruled that Senator Wambua was not dressed to the standards of the Senate.

“The mere fact that there is a flag on what you describe as a top, it does not meet the dress code as required by the standards of the Senate,” the Speaker said.

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