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Karen Nyamu: Why I cannot live without ‘married’ Samidoh

Karen Nyamu has opened up on some aspects of her controversial relationship with baby daddy Samidoh who doubles up as a policeman and popular Mugithi singer Samidoh.

During a conversation on Convo’s YouTube Channel, she revealed five qualities that make it challenging for her to leave him.

With two children together, the couple’s journey has been marked by both highs and lows.

Karen, a nominated Senator, began by stating she has never pretended to be perfect and has always been authentic in her life.

She credited her upbringing in a strict Christian background with influencing her character.

When discussing her partner, Samidoh, Karen praised him for his attractive vibe, cool spirit, sense of humor, openness, and authenticity.

“He is raw and he does not pretend. He has a good soul.”

She stated, “You don’t know him well. He has a vibe that I have never seen in my life. He is very attractive, and he often says unique things. I even tell him how good he is.”

Despite the challenges of being in a relationship with a married man with three children, Karen admitted that her deep love for Samidoh always pulled her back when she attempted to leave.

She mentioned that she had tried to plan her departure but couldn’t follow through.

“That’s the way relationships are, now why should I fight it, it’s not that I’ve never tried to fight it because of pressure and whatnot, and also being a good person, there are times when I would see this situation as it is not good. How do I feel about someone else? I think it’s wrong,” Karen said.

Karen concluded by saying, “Things of the heart! I tried to plan them, I said let it go now because I tried but it failed.”

Their relationship, marked by its complexities and the strong bond they share, continues to captivate the public’s attention.

“The more reason you go for one, he does a lot for us, he is not broke. It is just a natural connection between him and me.”

Karen Nyamu revealed he first noticed Samidoh during a political event.

“I have never forgotten the shoe game he was in… I am the one who made the first move. I am that person who tries to ignore something I like.”

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