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Karen Nyamu’s most controversial moments

By Freya Wanjiku December 17th, 2022 4 min read

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu remains outspoken and a go-for-it kind of leader, whether it’s her political or family life. Known to be Mugithi sensation Samidoh’s baby mama, the lawmaker has never been afraid to air her dirty linen in public regarding her relationship with the popular artiste.

On the other hand, Samidoh (real name Samuel Muchoki), who is married to Edday Nderitu, has been at the crossroads in a love triangle involving the senator and his wife.

It almost appears as if any time Ms Nyamu shows up wherever Samidoh is, then there will be plenty of drama. Here are some of Ms Nyamu’s most controversial moments that have lately been on the headlines:

1. Drama in Dubai 

In her latest drama, Nyamu showed up unannounced at Samidoh’s concert in Dubai. She had flown all the way from Nairobi to Dubai to ‘steal’ the show from her man and his wife. In the heat of the moment, Nyamu caused a scene at Samidoh’s concert as she confronted the singer’s wife in an incident that was captured on a viral video.

The two women almost got physical before the senator was whisked away to diffuse the already tensed and hostile atmosphere. Ms Nyamu would later claim that she was under the influence of alcohol when the incident happened. She however declared that she will not be leaving her baby daddy.

2. Beef with Samidoh’s promoter, Bernice Saroni

This incident happened when the Mugithi maestro was on a three-month USA trip hosted by Saroni. But Nyamu almost ruined the trip when she went hammer and tongs at the promoter after one of the lawmaker’s followers asked if she was aware her baby daddy has another woman in the USA.

Ms Nyamu went ballistic as she indirectly shamed Saroni by talking about her derriere.

“That information is very sweet and very okay. USA people come out in huge numbers to see Bernice – with ‘big assets’ and also enjoy the Mugithi. Also, take photos and send them back to me,” she said on social media.

To this Saroni responded: “I sit back and watch them insult, that’s how I was raised I am not a coward but I am wise.”

3. Calling out Samidoh for not ‘protecting her’

On yet another occasion, after she was labelled a home wrecker, Nyamu asked Samidoh to address the people who had written about her travelling with him.

“You should even take this opportunity to tell these people to keep off your family issues because travelling with me should not be a story,” she said.

“They know we are together and addressing me instead of the attacker in my DM is confusing! You have made their day. I’m tired of standing up for myself against these trolls and the person who should stand up for me is the one fueling it. Sometimes I wish I was the man,” she went on.

4. Threatening to teach Samidoh a lesson for allegedly assaulting her

Taking her home feuds online, Nyamu once, during a live Instagram session, claimed Samidoh had physically assaulted her after someone told him that she had been seen in Mombasa with another man.

She appeared to have a swollen face and shaggy hair when making the claims and at some point also showed a damaged phone which she claimed Samidoh had ‘crashed in the bathroom.’

In between the claims, Nyamu, who is a lawyer, said she was expecting a second child with Samidoh before clarifying that the Mugithi singer was not her child’s father.

“I’m embarrassed to do this but I know if I don’t the narrative will remain that I’m crazy and forcing things!” she said on the ocassion.

5. Seeking a man to settle down with 

Mid this year, the controversial senator said she had started dressing decently in order to attract a potential suitor. Speaking at a function in Nyandarua County, the mother of three said she was ready to settle down should she find the right man.

“Today I have wrapped up myself top to bottom to try find someone to pay my dowry,” she said amid cheers from the crowd.

However, on different occasion while on a campaign trail with President William Ruto, Nyamu was spotted donning a bracelet bearing her baby daddy’s name.

At yet another political event, Nyamu was heard asking a crowd, “Mimi naitwa Karen Nyamu wa nani?” to which the cheerful crowd responded, “Wa Samidoh.”

6. Apologizing to Samidoh’s wife for being the side chic

In 2021, Nyamu apologized to Samidoh’s wife for her relationship with musician. Speaking on Jalang’o TV, Nyamu said: “I’m really sorry for the anguish that I may have caused you. All along I thought you knew because your husband told me you knew. No excuses, I am really sorry for everything.”

She also said that she had never met Samidoh’s wife but had been involved in her projects to the extent of helping her secure a Sh9 million tender.

“I have never met Samidoh’s wife but we spoke sometime last year… now she is serving a tender worth Sh9 million which Samidoh’s brother and I sat down and did all the documents… until she got that tender… So is that a woman am fighting?”

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