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Karua: I still don’t recognize Ruto as President, only the law does

November 2nd, 2022 2 min read

Almost three months after President William Ruto formed the government, Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua is still in denial.

The former Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition running mate has yet to accept President Ruto’s win and has been making every effort to let it be known that she doesn’t recognize him as the President.

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During an interview on Wednesday 2 at Spice FM, Ms Karua referred to him as the former Deputy President.

“That is why I’m telling the former Deputy President, that you were part of the former administration, you can’t completely wash your hands,” Ms Karua said.

According to her, only the law recognizes Dr Ruto as the President.

“The law recognizes him, I don’t. He is the President courtesy of the law. I do not have to overpraise that position.”

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The Narc leader insisted that her opinion on the outcome of the concluded presidential results being doctors to favour President Ruto still stands and that she is still seeking justice even after the Supreme Court ruled over the matter.

“I still stand here today to say that the results were doctored, and that is the personal position, and you cannot stop my brain from working. You cannot force me to believe, so I’m talking about my belief.”

She further said that her belief is not subject to the law.

“My believe is not subject to the law, it is subject to the conscience…I still keep on saying that I do not believe he won.”

She said that the current administration could not wash its hands by withdrawing selected cases with inadequate evidence.

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Ms Karua said that the office of the ODPP should not withdraw some of the cases that were filed in the former regime but allow the court to hear and determine them.

“The DPP Noordin Haji cannot wash his hands and leave it to Kinoti and you are only talking of the cases you have selectively withdrawn. You are not counting of the cases you have prosecuted and won investigated by the same man,” Ms Karuia said.

Ms Karua said that the prosecutor’s work is not always to get a conviction but to take a case that can be won in good faith.

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