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Karura Forest joggers urged to leave giant python alone

Karura Forest, a haven for nature lovers, is in the news after a jogger spotted an adult African Rock Python and shared a photo on social media.

The jogger spotted the nonvenomous reptile on Wednesday as it slithered near Junction 41 in the forest.

The photo sent shivers to many joggers who were concerned of their safety in the forest.

Professor Karanja Njoroge, the Chairman of Friends of Karura Forest, has warned patrons not to corner the snake when they see it, but to let it be and keep to designated tracks.

“The snakes won’t attack unless totally cornered. It is completely harmless to humans greater than 20kg in weight,” said Prof Karanja.

In another Facebook post, Friends of Karura said there is no need for joggers or bikers to worry.

“Pythons are harmless to people, unless, as with most animals, they are cornered or severely provoked. They are not venomous at all and are shy that is why not one has been spotted in several years.

“Pythons are solitary and typically stay near water. It is likely that this one has wandered up from the Ruaka River, looking for prey during this severe dry period, or perhaps to shed its skin,” added the post.

Karura Forest is located off Limuru Road and is managed by the Kenya Forest Service in conjunction with the Friends of Karura Forest Community Forest Association.